Video marketing that catches the ear—catches the audience

Video marketing that catches the ear—catches the audience

Did you know that 90% of video is audio and that successful video marketing needs to have good sound? If you’ve been dissatisfied by viewing a clip that is visually appealing, contains pertinentVideo Marketing | Shift Media information, but remains lacking and somehow doesn’t quite hook you, you may have witnessed sub-par audio. This is why so many pieces of video editing software contain tools for noise reduction. Even so, these tools don’t always fix every problem.

The general rule is:

Garbage in -> Garbage out.

Your target audience probably doesn’t enjoy garbage. That’s why it’s so important that you capture good quality from the get-go. You have something of quality to sell your audience, so we should assume that your audience has excellent taste. Presumably, your audience wants a good experience when you advertise to them!

When it comes to our expertise in video marketing, our industry-standard equipment and expertise in managing audio/video signals mean you get top quality from the beginning through the end of the project. We’ll work with you to create a fantastic product that catches the eye, the ear, and your audience’s attention. Our production services team is professional in assessing the best tools to suit your needs, including quality cameras, microphones, mixing equipment, and lighting. After all is said and done in pre-production, we love for our clients to remain involved throughout the process of editing a video that best conveys your message.

For more information on how we can serve you so you can better serve your target market, feel free to contact us. Let’s create something great, together!

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