Video Editing

Video Editing is a crucial part of the video production process. The creative use of music, graphics, and voice-over can truly make or break a video’s success. Our producers and editors work side by side to ensure that your message is conveyed effectively. Once the video is edited, our motion-graphics team will step in to add the finishing touches.

The goal of the final video is to tell the story of your business, product, service or event. It should allow the viewer to get to know you and your business and what they can expect from you. It should leave them wanting to do business with you or at the very least wanting to know more.

In order to do this effectively, SHIFT MEDIA starts out with a story board of the video which provides a road map of how to not only shoot the video but how to edit it.

Once the video is shot, our Scottsdale based editing team begins the process of creatively weaving the footage into a cohesive, entertaining and informative video.

We use a combination of tools and techniques such as graphics, music, creative transitions, text inserts and other features to assist in telling the complete story.

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